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any other ideas

hi im just looking for any other ideas in regards to my meds, im currently on seretide 250 2puffs twice a day, montelukast 10mg, salbutamol and atrovent nebs. in the hayfever season i take fexofenadene and mometasone, my lungs dont like grass pollen and tree pollen. since a chest infection just over a month ago my asthma has deterioated again. i went to my gp yesterday who has given me 2weeks on pred and is going to discuss with cons about long term pred. i was wondering is there anything else i could suggest to avoid the pred and all the side effects. last time i felt this bad was just before i had a massive attack and went into resp arrest, evn iv amino and iv magnesium didnt help me much it was very scary and want to avoid this again, ive had several vists to itu as i can deterioate so quick.

does anyone have any ideas?

thanks michelle

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Hello Michelle,

Have you ever had Theophylines - Aminophyline in tablet form?

I take Uniphyllin twice a day . May be worth asking about this.

Please take care and keep an eye on the peak flows, if you do them and get help before it gets too bad.

My motto is 'Quicker in, quicker sorted and quicker out' (of hosp)

You may be able to increase your preventer as well if it is on your protocol / asthma action plan or ask your GP if not.

Please take care




Hi Michelle,

personally i'd give the two week supply of pred a chance to work and clear up the remainder of that chest infection, and reduce the inflammation that's causing you so much trouble at the moment , then see how you feel. It's really easy to fear the worst in any situation, when you are a a low point like now, and based on your past experiences that's understandable, but try not to stress, as that will only aggravate your asthma.


Hi Michelle,

A totally daft question have you had your seasonal flu jab? Mine seems to reduce the annual Autumnal chest infections that I used to get. Preds are good for your chest but can be a problem with the external waist size. Do you see an Asthma specialist? if not ask the GP to refer you. It took me 8 months to see my last specialist who I saw once but she helped me loads.


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