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can anyone help me?

hi im new to this site. i have had asthma since i was a child but after the birth of my second child 4yrs ago it has got much worse. about a month ago i developed chest infection i had 2 lots of antibiotics and 3 lots of steriods. when i saw my cons last week i expained that i was struggling doing everyday tasks, he said it was good that i had managed to stay out of hosp and that i was still getting over the infection then i shouldbe ok. well im not my chest feels tight nearly all the time and im struggling. ive got 3 kids my baby is 8months old and its hardto do everything. i used to be on fexofenadene, omeprazole(as i often had steriods) nasonex and singulair. as soon as i had my baby i went back on the singulair but not the others. im not seeing my cons till may, but ive been at the drs every week each time getting steroids. im using my salbutamol nebs 5mg 4 times a day just to be able to do bits, we are struggling financally so my husband is working long hours, im scared of going into hosp, not for myself but for my husband, as he would not be able to work to look after the kids.

sorry for the moan im just not sure what to do

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welcome Michelle,

You will make lots of friends on here and hope some help also.

I would definitely phone your GP and also consultant to see what they can do for you.

Not sure if you can claim any money but would give cab a ring as you could do with a little help and have hubby around for you also.

If you do have family near by take up any help they offer. make sure you have time to yourself to relax a little if possible.

There is also a asthma nurse on this sight and would give her a call also as they are really good.

lots of love to you and your little family and welcome again to this sight.

love Glynis xxx pm me anytime xxxx


hi thanks for the info my hubby is self employed so not sure what he could do.

ive been in intensive care a few times and in hosp, once i had a near fatal attack where i stopped breathing luckily i was already on the hosp ward, i woke up 2days later in intensive care. i just dont want anything like that to happen again for my medication to be reviewed.

hope you are well

michelle xxx


You're not moaning - just poorly and v tired. I know when I have a chest infection how I struggle just shuffling around the kitchen making a meal! I'll be really tired for weeks after.

I'd speak to one of the asthma.org.uk asthma nurses, they're brill and will be able to give you good advice, if you don't feel right over weekend ring your docs.

Hope you feel better soon and your husband isn't working the weekend and can help you out a bit.


HI Michelle,

I Would definitely give CAB a call to see where you stand money wise and tell them your hubby is self employed and if you could claim carers allowance etc for your asthma.

When I was self employed I Paid a stamp so did get sick pay etc.

My lads are grown up and I know how I Feel when really bad with flare ups and could not emagine looking after young ones when need a rest.

take care and lots of love Glynis xxx


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