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Recovering from Fly outcomes!!

Hello Everyone

Following the post I made earlier last week asking who is not getting the shot, well I am in a bit of a sticky boat. I am currently recovering from the flu. What it started out to be a common cold so I thought ended up being the flu. I work with children in childcare as a subsitute and I worked all last week and were to work all this week as well. I can say that my symptoms started around Wed, I started feeling tired and worn out by the end of the day, but didnt fully feel that I was coming down with something till Thursday started with a sore throat all day, and just felt like i was coming down with something, at that point I also had no more patience with the kids and to work. Than Friday it hit me full load runny nose, sneezing, the whole common cold sympotoms. I ended up going home early from work. Came home slept about 2 hours and woke up is when I started feeling achy and just worse, than my fever spiked up that night to 38. 5 to highest .8 Celcius which stayed around that area till yesterday morning it broke. I went to see the doctor on Saturday morning in a clinic here at the walk in. I was due to get my H1N1 shot today at 2 which I canclled since I am sick. The doctor at the walk in would not tell me if its what I have is swine or regular flu. He said they don't test for it in the clinics anymore I have to go to the hospital, which is a long wait and another couple of weeks to find out so he signed with the fact that I prolly would not want to do that anyways. He put me on tamiflu for 5 days. Now I am pretty certain I have Swine, as it is the preminent flu this year...I am am not sure if I need the shot anymore, cause if I have it than I am Immune but if I dont than I am not. I also do not want to go wait hours at the hospital and possibly get even more sick, for a test. In terms of my Asthma it was effected quite big which I have not had it happen in years since I receive the annual flu shot every year I have not had the flu in years. I had difficulty with breathing and wheezing a bit, I did not however head to the emergency room, I fought it on my own I am over the worse now just the cough is left.


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