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Chest infection, again, too much mucus

I again have mucus build up, after finish my antibiotics and getting over pnumenia back in oct i was a bit better it cleared out more now i am back to the same state as i was before the pnumoneia. This past weekend i wassnt feeling good came down with a cold no fever none of that just the usual common cold well now i cought again and i have yellow/green thick mucus, as well as my nose i am cogested with it. I tried to get back on to my preventar flovent daily its not easy, i am on ventolin a couple times a day, i get wheezy. Any advice?

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Hi amandana,

If you are coughing up yellow/green mucus and are more wheezy than is normal for you, you need to see your GP to see if you have an infection that needs treating with antibiotics.

In terms of short term ways of trying to clear the congestion, have you tried steam inhalation in combination with using your reliever? The steam inhalation thins down the mucus, the reliever obviously opens up your airways, and then a good cough after this should help you to clear some of the gunk. If you can tolerate Olbas oil without it making your breathing worse, that's worth a try too.

Please do see your GP, though, especially if you have recently had pneumonia and are having problems using your Flovent.

Hope this helps

Em H


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