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Ingredients in Flu Shot and Mercury?

I am still on the fence about getting the shot, I keep changing my mind. I am reading some questions and answers about the shot that were released by our local CTV news here. They answer about the mercury saying its a small amount and it leaves the body rapidly, it also answers that the adjavanted one which canada uses is safe and that the immune response is better than the non one. I dont know what to really believe, how do we know what they tell us is true? even if it comes from the health people that test them etc? how do we really know its true? I think alot of people are starting to not believe what they tell us anymore. What do you guys think?

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This is just *my* opinion.

The Adjuvant (squalene) is something we create naturally in our body but injecting it stimulates our immune sytstem making the vaccine work quicker and using less, therefore, being cheaper for the NHS! But the adverse effects 'could' be devisating.

The amount of mercury in the vaccine is very small and that isn't what I would worry about but rather the squalene.

It is odd how the german army refused to give their troops the one with adjuvant in but happily the one without! I for one will be waiting for the non adjuvant vaccine for my son, or will pay privately for it if need be.

You can ask at your GP's to ask to see the ingredients list from the vaccine, they will have it and you are intitled to view it upon request.

Did you know that the trials had a list of people who couldn't be involved (think this is just the childrens one as didn't look into the adult trials) one of those things was 'had a course of oral steriods within the last 3 months' I am currently trying to find out why but having problems so if anyone could shed any light??

My son had a course of pred 3 weeks ago and got his letter for the vaccine last week, so within 3 months. If it wasn't good enough for the trials than how can it be safe now?


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