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Swine Flu and Regular Flu Shot which one?


As the whole swine flu is coming back, there is lots of talk and contradictions regarding the shots. I myself have been getting the regular flu shots every year for a number of years now, and no sickness at all. However now I been hearing that those that have had the regular are more at risk for the Swine flu. Than I also hear you should only have one or the other. I am in canada so our swine flu one wont be available till next month. Should I get both? or the swine one or neither? I dont know what to do, I havent yet asked my doctor. I wassnt to worried about it before, but now I am hearing more cases and with asthmatics being more at risk. I also work with children in day care, and now there are saying that we might have had it at my centre we got an outbreak of Flu like symptoms going around.

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if you're worried, read here swinefluvaccinereport.com what others have to say. I've seen the research to suggest that having the regular flu jab makes you more vulnerable to swine flu, but then over the weekend saw one that says the opposite.


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