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Flovent steroid?


Lately I've been concerned about steroids and asthma. I am currently on Flovent and have been always, which is a steroid, I am not sure of the dose of it or anything but I am starting to get concerned whether it is good or not. I am intrested if i possibly could change my medication and get on a steroid free puffer, I read that singulair is steroid free and I have taken it before, but its the pill. I always saw in a magazine that they now have a new puffer for it? I am not sure about it I couldnt find any info. When I saw that i immidiatly thought maybe i can change mine, but than i read that there are some side effects with it after prolonged use such as weight gain. My ashtma is about moderate, I need to however take a daily preventative like FloVent if i want to be asthma free. I dont want anymore steroids in my medication, anyone have any suggesstions? or concerns about taking alot of steroids?

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Flovent, Which is called Flixotide in the UK is a steroid inhaler.

Steroids taken by inhalation are very safe with few side effects unless you take huge amounts. Inhaling steroids ensures that most of it ends up in your lungs and not elsewhere in your body. Steroids dampen down the inflamation.

I don't think singulair comes as an inhaler - it is a tablet. I don't have problems with weight gain from it though.

Please don't stop taking your preventer if it is working.... the side effects of asthma are more severe that the side effects of steroid inhalers!

Steroids taken orally (Tablets) over a long period of time have side effects though.

Please discuss this with your Doctor!



Just adding a brief post to Kate's to translate UK/US brand names:

Flovent is called Flixotide (flucticasone) in the UK.

Advair is called Seretide (flucticasone/salmeterol) in the UK.


Thanks for the Correction Ginny!

I did look it up but obviously got a bit fuddled somewhere.... will correct original post!




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