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More antibiotics/chest x ray results back


Last week i went back to the doc ro check out my ongoing chest infection problem. He gave me a referal for an x ray at the hospital, he also gave me antibiotics again, however i didnt fill them in. This was thursday, i didnt think i should take anymore thought i could just make it go away on its own, and wait for the x ray i havent had any fever or anything, and i am starting to feel alot better. This morning he called and well he said there was something that showed up on my x ray and to continue with the antibiotics, i havent started them yet. Any ideas what it could be? he didnt say specifically?

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Hi amandana,

I'm sorry to hear that you're not so well; I'm a bit confused though as to why you would go to your GP with, as you say, 'ongoing chest infection problems' and then ignore his advice and not take the antibiotics.

GPs these days are very well aware of the risks to the population of over-prescribing antibiotics, and, in general, are cautious about prescribing them unless they are absolutely necessary. I'm sure that if your GP prescribed antibiotics, it was because he felt that there was a good chance that you had an infection. You do not necessarily have to have a fever with a chest infection, and he would have been able to get a lot of information about the chances of an infection by listening to your chest.

It's impossible to know without seeing it what he was referring to on your chest ray, but some infections do show up as patches of 'consolidation' - white patches on the lung field due to fluid and mucus in the lungs. If this is what was seen on your X ray, then you certainly do have a significant infection that needs to be treated.

Please do what your doctor has advised and take the antibiotics.

I hope you feel better soon,

Em H



please follow Em's advice, no point messing with antibs, look after your lungs

good luck



Hello...Please please take your antibiotics, sometimes a chest infection does not present as a ""typical"" infection.

If you do not follow the medical instructions and advice you would be not only prolonging the problem but more worryingly making much worse!!

Take care of your lungs and they will take care of you.

Hope you feel better soon


Yup i am on it got one more to take. Then i see my doc again on monday for a follow up.


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