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left lung pain

After a bad cold i got some antibiotics from my taking 2 puffs twice a day of my preventer and my releiver every 3 hours and its making me light headed and giving me palpitations. Im also on my 4th day of preds. I have a dull ache in my left lung and still a little wheezy, i dont want to go to a and e cos i have 2 little kids who would have to come too. Anyone got any idea's? Please.x

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hi loupne

Please see a doc as soon as possible. Pain on your left side can be a sign of many different illnesses of all different severities. Either go to a and e or if you really dont want to go there then see your gp on mon. Tell the dragons (i mean receptionists) that your asthmatic and have left sided lung pain they should squeeze you in to see a dr the same day. Try and sort this out before christmas as getting an appointment any closer to christmas will be difficult. Hope it all goes well. Take it easy and please please please see your dr. Some people get chest pain with asthma so it may just be that your a bit uncontrolled at the moment but its always best to get these things checked out. Take care lv kat Xxx


Hi, like KitKat says get yourself checked out, but I get pain on the left hand side of my chest when I have been poorly. For ages I thought dreadful things, mentioned it to a dr whilst in ICU many moons ago and was told it was quite common and not to worry.

Hope you are your wee ones had a good xmas.


i get back left lung pain when i have a chest infection and i was told the reason for this is because the bronical tubes are constricted and to take something with codine in it but everyones different but give it shot and see how it goes even co-codmal 8/500's work and help the pain and also a hot water bottle when lying down helped behind my back and heat packs when out and about it breaks up the infection hpe this helps


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