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Montekulast, but no allergies & a bit confused

Hiya there, hope everyone is doing ok.

I've been taking Montekulast (Singulair) for one month exactly today. It's has helped me take control over my Asthma and I'm happy to have it on repeat and I don't have any specific worries about taking it, or any side effects that are affecting me to any great degree, but from reading the boards I'm getting the impression that Singulair is used mainly on people with allergies. I'm not an allergic person at all, I'm descibed as having adult non-allergic Asthma and when the GP prescribed the Montelukast she just said looked up the treatment on the web (presumably some sort of medical encylopedia which gives info and the stages of treatment) and just said it was the next step in the chain and if it didnt settle to go back or if I had any sorts of acute and sudden bursts of symptoms that were not reacting to salbutamol to go to A&E.

I'm confused as to why I'm taking this, when I have no allergies and the GP just said it was ""the next step"" rather than it's used to treat people with allergies.

As I've said it is working and so I'm not too worried just a little confused and wondered if the more medically minded could help me here!


Claire x

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Spelling Mistake

Sorry guys meant to type Montelukast NOT Montekulast.


Take Care x



I don't know if this will help, but singulair (quoted from its website) says that ""singulair is prescibed for the long term management of asthma"" ""singulair is used for the prevention of exercise-induced asthma"" it is also used to treat seasonal rhinitis (hayfever) but seems it is possible to benefit non-allergic asthma too..Hope this has helped! I take singulair and get crazy dreams and have apparently started sleep talking since being on it =S but it helps the asthma so is worth it!




Hi there

I'm on Montelukast too with non allergy based asthma and have been for over three months. The only side effect I had was waking during the night, so now I take it in the morning as directed by the Chest Physician.

I was also told by the Chest Physician (CP) that the were another step in the treatment of asthma. She went on to say that, with me, she was stepping me up to step four out of five but didn't say what step the montelukast were. I have other tablets that reacted with me, so I am waiting for them to be changed when I see the CP next week. The CP also said that you use the treatment in each step to treat the channels of asthma (areas where it can start?).

Hope this helps, but I sound quite similar to you. Sometimes I feel as though I rattle in the morning with all the inhalers and tablets, but I keep on smiling hoping that it will all be sorted soon!



Hi Claire

I also have non-allergic asthma and am taking montelukast, my old asthma nurse started me on it 4 years ago and it has really helped my asthma, although I do have some very strange dreams! It was actually a trial drug when I first started taking it so I felt quite priveliged at the time!! As far as I know it helps people with both types of asthma (allergic and non-allergic)



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