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Was GP right?

Hi guys,

I've just come back from the GP and was wondering what others' experience has been in a similar situation to mine:

i have what i call 'reactive' asthma, in that i only suffer from it whenever i catch the flu (or a severe cold!)

this past week i have had such a bad cough, it hurts so much and my insides feel so drrrryy, no matter how much liquid i take in, and ive never experienced an episode of asthma that's left my lungs so inflamed, sore and dry :(

when i went to the GP he just said 'keep taking your inhalers' and also that this could take up to 6 weeks to clear up??

i cannot afford to take off any more time from work, but when you spend all night coughing hard, sleep comes 2nd, which makes it very tempting to call in sick during the day!

So, was the GP right in his advice?

also, anyone have any non-medical things that can help with the dryness/sore lungs as i do plan to take the ventolin and becodtide (not much help they seem to be at the moment....)

thanking you please!

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I don't know if you have tried a cough linctus, but Pholcodine is a good one. I got it on prescription for my teenage son who had an awful hacking cough, and it really helped. You can buy it over the counter which we do now. We both also take painkillers (Paracetamol) at night when our chests are painful - I find this helps me sleep.

You may find it takes a while for the lungs to settle down after being so sore. Hope things improve for you and you manage work okay.


Based on my experiance your doctor was talking a lot of rubbish, i have had some really bad doctors in the past year, plus they hate it because half the time i know what i am talking about. but doctors will always say this if they think your being a nuiscane which is not fair but it is proven that they are worse with people that have long term conditions or compliacated because they cant be bothered, i am sure it would be a problem if it was happening to them.

but i have been suffering with being out of breath everyday just with doing simple things and my meds are not working, the asthma nurse said keep taking inhalers and see doctor and doctors said see nurse, my surgery dont how they are talking about. be strong and forceful and do your research as they hate that and are bound to do somthing, good luck


Was GP right

Hi Pinnapple Jam

Hope things are getting better for you I have serve asthma and this sounds normal for me have you tired taking codine linctus you can buy this over the counter it helps my and take paracetamol as needed. I find hot drinks before bed help try making hot lemon and honey, hot riebena or simlar it helps me, steaming might also help loosen any plem if you can cope with it.

Take Care




It tends to take a while for the preventer inhaler to start having a big difference, when i had mild asthma, and wasn't on levels of meds on now, if I got a cold my GP used to step up the steroid inhaler to higher dose for the time I was unwell and until I was better. If you have the puffer style inhalers using them through a spacer will ensure that you get the most meds into your lungs, u can get spacer from pharmacy if don't already have one or GP.

I just tend to try and eat healthly, plenty of vit C containing foods, such as oranges / juice and look after myself and plenty to drink. I used to find lemisp is helpful for me, but does contain paracetamol and other things so just check ok to take it if on other meds. It takes me a long time to get over a cold or a bad attack.

Perhaps it may be helpful to ring one of the asthma nurses on here, freephone number on top of the website and on home page. As all we can do is offer our own experiences, not any medical advice. So, perhaps one of the nurses may be able to help a bit more, they have been very helpful and nice to me.

I hope you are feeling better soon.


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