Asthmatic and fed up!!

Hi all

Hope you are doing ok. Sorry need a rant ...

Ok as some of you are aware I have been ill and off work since mid November, asthma out of control and then to add insult to injury I ended up with Pleurisy. Over the past couple of months there has been little improvement and my GP just doesn't know what to do next for me. I was supposed to be seeing the Resp consultant this week but the hosp cancelled my appointment and moved it back to the end of Feb.

I get out of breathe walking up stairs. Housework - forget it!! and I am unable to play my clarinet or sax for more than a couple of bars without coughing and being really breathless. I have pain in my ribs and back, my chest feels like there is an elephant permanently in residence on it and I'm not sleeping properly. I'm doing everything the doc and asthma nurse have suggested and still no improvement. It's just so frustrating. Work keep asking me when I think I'm likely to be well enough to return.

Last week when I visited the Dr. She gave me two options to tide me over until seeing the consultant at end of Feb - 1) More Antibiotics and yet another course of Pred or 2) Start Theotholin (not sure if spelt that right). As didn't know anything about 2 I went for option 1. Felt some improvement on my last day of taking Pred as developed super human powers and managed to clean downstairs toilet lol but have suffered for it all weekend with extreme fatigue and breathlessness. Is anyone taking Theotholin?

Asthma nurse says that it will take time for everything to settle down and not to be so hard on myself but I'm just fed up and feel so isolated.

Sorry rant over.

Stay well, breathe easy.

Rach. x

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  • Hi sounds like your haveing an awful time, hope things get better soon.

    Iv been taking theophylinn for years, when i 1st went on it really helped me and it still does, if there suggesting it i would go for it.

    Hope this helps


  • Hi sounds like your haveing an awful time, hope things get better soon.

    Iv been taking theophylinn for years, when i 1st went on it really helped me and it still does, if there suggesting it i would go for it.

    Hope this helps


  • Hi Rach, Sorry you are feeling so unwell. I have taken Theophylline for many years and find it very good. If GP is offering it, by all means give it a try. In the meantime I think you should push for the consultant's appointment to be brought forward. If you know your consultant's name ring up the secretary (I've always found them very helpful) and explain your appointment has been pushed back but you are in urgent need. Tell them you've been off work since Nov and are under pressure to return, how ill you've been and how GP has now run out of options.

    The fact that you've not been able to work since Nov should be a nudge for them. Years ago I had very bad stomach problems and the consultant said there was a waiting list for a certain procedure but because I'd been off work for several months he would carry it out the next week!

    I've also used this direct approach on several occasions to get my (then baby) son seen more quickly. Even if you dont get anywhere it's worth a try. Good luck and let us know how you get on.

  • hi

    theophyllin works by relaxing your airways for long periods .

    you can get some side effects and usually need blood test now and then to make sure you

    are on the right strength as can make you ill if on to high does.

    if i need to double mine when bad after a week get bad heads and then reduce it again but

    your doctor will sort that out or asthma nurse.

    These tablets are good and usually given to you by a hospital consultant and your doc or

    nurse are really good if offer them as a treatment.

    MY doc put me on them.

    You can get side effects but will settle .

    take care love glynis xxx

  • Rach1975,

    I can totally empathise with you here. Don't know anything about the med you were offered though the one that begins with a T! I'm bouncing in and out of docs weekly sometimes twice weekly, off work since Nov and they now terminated my contract. Grrrr. My music making forget it too its a disaster which if getting me down even more. Hope you get well soon

    Em xxx

  • Hi Rach, I am feeling rather fed up too! Have just finished my latest lot of pred & anti-bios for yet another chest infection. I can relate to your post hun & I am sorry you are feeling like this. I am seeing a specialist for the first time on Weds & am terrified! Just wanted you to know you are not alone. Big hugs.


  • I had a wait for chest clinic. I did manage to work though, well mostly, it was a major struggle. Probably like you, my social life was put on a complete hold. While I was waiting for the appointment, if I saw the GP he would just sit back and say ""I can't do anymore for you"". I got into a real mess (now on anti depressants).

    I think that if it gets to the point where the GP can't do anymore (other than antibiotics and pred), there should be an urgent referral? Do these people just not see the impact?

    Sorry, I'm ranting.

    I hope you can get a quicker appointment. Good luck

    Shoppingmama - I too was more than a bit stressed when I saw the consultant. It was fine, he was sympathetic, spent time talking to me and listened.

  • TS, thanks hun. I agree with what you say about the GP. Mine said to me last week 'what do you want me to do for you?' I guess he was saying that he didn't know what else to do, it doesn't exactly help though when its your life! I am trying not to get my hopes up for Weds as in a magic cure but I do hope I have a similiar experience to you. Take care. Hugs.



    Dear all

    Thank you for your wonderfully kind and supportive messages - it really does help knowing that whilst we take each day as it comes there are people out there who know what its like.

    Anyway phoned the hospital again today to see if they have any cancellations - and yippee have managed to get an appointment with the resp consultant next thursday 3rd Feb. Result!! Think they got fed up with me phoning everyday so gave me an appointment to shut me up!

    Thanks for reading my rant of yesterday I really do appreciate it.

    Rach. x

  • That's great news - well done for pushing. And now good luck with your appointment next week - I hope you get some answers.

  • Rach, that is great news. It pays to be persistant. I will be thinking of you, please let us know how it goes. Love & Hugs



  • Glad you got in next week. Keep us posted love Glynis xxx

  • Great news! I hope it goes well for you.

  • Great news! I hope the appt goes well for you.


    ok - received conformation letter from hospital today - saying that they had cancelled the appointment for the 3rd Feb and rearranged for this Friday 28th January. I am now ever so slightly bemused by the NHS however am not complaining as Friday is only two more sleeps away. Hoorah!!

    Shopping Mama hoping your visit to the consultant today was productive. xxx

  • Hi Rach, I have sent you a message about today. So glad you will be going sooner rather than later. I will be with you sweetie. Please let us know how you get on!



  • Hi Rach1975,

    I am sorry that you are feeling so unwell.

    I hope everything goes OK with your hospital appoinment.

  • Hey, gets better and better! You're obviously on their radar! Good luck with it. xx

  • UPDATE following visit to resp consultant today

    Yippee I am NOT going mad - my asthma has indeed got worse. However, didn't realise visit to consultant would cost me 1 chest xray, 5 spirometry attempts (with scary nurse yelling keeping blowing at the top of her lungs) and 7 (yes 7) tubes of blood. Consultant sending me for allergy tests as haven't had them repeated since I was a child. Medication will change once all test results are in. Signed off work for another month - although yet again told that working with children isn't helping my asthma. Um time for a career change perhaps - but what? Also was told to get rid of cats (didn't dare tell him about my three guinea girls)... Poor Tiggy and Holly they're old anyway so decided that once they outlive their 9 lives will not replace them - hows that for compromise??? Got to go back in two months.

    Thank you all for your love and support.

    Rachael. x

  • Hi.Glad it went well for you and meds changing for you x I kept been told by family get rid of my cat but glad i didnt.My tests said no pet alergy to my cat or dog x

  • I'm glad things are moving forward to you. I think they must always be shouting ""keep going"" in your ears during those tests. I got that too!

  • Nice to hear that things are moving along, hopefully this is a big step in the right direction.

  • Big hugs Rach, what a day you had!? Glad it went well though hun & hope you get a nice rest tomorrow. You deserve it! Thinking of you.



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