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2 pm neb side affects


I have to neb 6 times aday as my normall routine I start off at 6 in the morning with ventolin and atrovent then flixitide at 10 am and have no probs but when i get to my 2 oclock neb which is ventolin and atrovent again I always gt side affects like pounding heart the shakes funny feeling in my throat almost like wheezing and a congested cough which takes a few hours to settle I then neb vent and atrovent again at 6 pm and had no probs then again at 10pm and flixitide and im fine So why do i have side affects in the afternoon I may try leaving it out and seeing how i go can anyone advice me on this I do have a con appt in a few weeks so will discuss it with him does anyone else have these robs

Many Thanks



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