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Zolair Injection

Hi All

Ive just had my cons appt yesterday after having a rast test last month and he said my IGE levels were really high above 700 and that your IGE has to be between 600 and 700 to qualifty for the zolair injection But my local PCT wont fund it unless I go to a specailist chest clinic So I'm off to the heartlands in Birmingham for assesment Does anyone go their and can you tell me what they are like he did tell me the cons name but Ive forgotten it already and what tests can I expect to have Ive had a really bad summer and really need to try this I even put my self throu surgery last year to try and correct a post nasal drip which agrevates the problem but it doesnt really seem to have worked

Any information would be greatly apprecaited

love and hugs to you all