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reliever inhalers and low blood pressure/fainting

Hi everyone,

I was wondering if anyonelse is in the same situation as me: Recently my asthma's been worse and I've needed my reliever inhalers more, however I also have vasovagal syncope (a tendancy to feel faint/ faint) and taking my reliever inhalers makes that worse so I feel like I'm on a bit of a see-saw.

I used to be on Bricanyl as a reliever untill they stopped making aerosol inhalers and didn't have as much trouble with them, but the salbutamol makes me quite spaced out and faint.

Does anyone have the same problem, and if so have you found any other reliever inhalers/ other medication which doesn't cause as much of a problem.

Thank you very much for all your help!

Hope you're all having a nice day!



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