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Portable nebuliser for anti-biotics

Hi everyone,

Would anyone be able to help me...I'm going to get a portable nebuliser as I hope to be out and about this summer and also going on holiday.

I can see lots of possibilities, but from what I can see most of them are not suitable for inhaling anti-biotics. I take Colymicin twice a day.

I'm after a small battery operated neb. Can anyone suggest a possible nebuliser please?

Many thanks in advance! Sarah

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I don't know much about it, but most of the people I know who have cystic fibrosis use the Pari eFlow nebuliser, which is powerful enough to cope with steroids and antibiotics (and DNAse, which probably isn't really relevant for you). I don't know whether this nebuliser is battery powered or not, but it's pretty small, quick and portable. The main complaint I've heard is that it's very expensive... You could google it and maybe ring up and speak to a couple of suppliers - they're usually very helpful, as it's not in anyone's interest for them to sell you a nebuliser/compressor that isn't appropriate for you.


Heya! i have TOBI inhaled antiboitic one month and colomycin the next - swap every 28days and i use the pari e-flow! its fab! i love it! its so quick and quiet! and it does my hypertonic saline and salbutamol and atrovent too! but you have to use a different areasol head for each - one for antibotics, one for hypertonic and one for salbutamol & atrovent. I deffo recomend e-flow! they are very expensive but your consultant / hospital give you one? or an ineb?? they are good too!


Thanks both. I currently have a normal blue (rather large) nebuliser that plugs into the mains as provided by my hospital. Would the hospital also be able to provide me with a portable one? I also nebulise hypertonic saline, salbutamol and atrovent. I only want a portable neb for the summer (well, ideally all the time, but deffo to give me more freedom over the summer.)

If I'm buying it myself I can't really afford more than £100.


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