My Costa is so kind and generous, they've given me MRSA for free during my admission...:S Came as quite a shock to be told this, I've always been pretty complacent about it, thinking that those swabs are just a health & safety exercise so it looks like they're doing something.

The thing it, they seemed once it was confirmed pretty keen to get me home - went from 'think it would be safer for you so stay' to 'you can go' pretty quickly and I do wonder if this was to get me out so I couldn't pass it to other patients. I guess I'll never know.

My concern is they haven't told me anything much about dealing with it - gave me three meds and a useless leaflet (very informative medically, I can tell you all about bacrteria etc. but nothing practical) and I feel like I've been left to deal with it. Also a bit scared that they may be loath to re-admit me if necessary if I'm 'infected'. Probably a silly question, but how should I be dealing with it at home - I live in student halls and am a bit worried about spreading it as we have all communal facilities - bathrooms, kitchens, etc. Do I need to hot wash my bath towels regularly, or is it alright to re-use them as normal? Do I need to steralise eating inplements? Things like that - I really have no idea what I'm doing. And does it just clear up eventually? How long? Will it come back? Is it okay for me to go to my GP and hospital appointments next week or will I put patients at risk?

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  • Sorry to hear that you have contracted MRSA at your local Costa... nothing worse than a two for the price of one offer that you do not want....

    A friend of mine at uni developed MRSA in hospital after a motorbike accident. As far as I can remember (not seen her since 1996, so memory is a bit vague) once you have it you will always be a carrier of it for life and when you go into hospital will have to bath in a special chemical, have your own room and staff will have to take precautionary measures. Not at all surprised the hospital wanted you off their hands and at home quickly. I remember several occassions when several wards where closed because of MRSA because one infected patient had been been transfered from another hospital and not been screened.

    Might be worth talking to your halls to see if they can find you accomodation with your own facilities so that the infection is not spread. At home just be scrupilous with your personal hygiene and cleaning in areas like the kitchen and bathroom. Personally I would not share items such as bath towels and just keep them for yourself... I would check with the relevant people about attending appointments next week to be on the safe side. Sorry not sure what else to suggest...

  • As far as I know MRSA, wont really need any special things like that. There are quite alot of people in the comunity with it, so maybe your GP would be a good place for info.

    Alot of people will have it on their skin, and it wont bother them at all, but when your poorly or have a wound or something, then its more likely to get into your body and cause problems, or just be there.

    If you have to go into hospital again, they may put you in a single room, and reswab you, but once that you have 3 free results you'll be considered MRSA free and you wont need to be in your own room or anything like that!

    Try not to worry about it to much

    Hope this helps

    Lindsay xx

  • Aww! Hope it goes quickly and not makes you to unwell xxx

  • I think if you are a frequent visitor to hospital then you are quite likely to pick it up at some point! I've had it (in fact didn't even treat it) but last time I was clear. My brother is a doctor and has had it quite often when they have been swabbed. A lot of people carry it on their skin with no problems at all. it cna be a problem if people get wounds infected with it, say after an operation.

    I wouldn't worry too much about it, and go to your GP as normal next week. Hopefully they will be able to reassure you and give you some more useful information.


  • I like you have had it given to me as a free gift from my local establishment...I had no special treatment at all...was given bed by the window as a precaution...saw this as rather a good outcome personally, nothing else was done...last swab was negative so it went away all by itself..not sure if that is normal or I was just lucky but in my experience is nothing at all to worry about.

  • Don't worry - loads of people carry it with no problems at all. As others have said it's only if it gets into a wound etc that it can be a problem. You won't need to take any special precautions in your day to day life and it's unlikely to be a massive problem in hospital but just let them know and as others have suggested i would go chat with your GP or practice nurse about it to get more information and reassurance.

  • this was really worrying to read as im having an op next week and open wounds are vulnerable- when will you get tested again?

  • they test at my local on every admission, elective or emergency. Try not to worry, they use stuff to clean skin such as hibiscrub or iodine befor surgery to minimise risks...and then they check woulds for early signs of infection. I am sure it will al be okay...sometimes think it is a shame you only hear or read of the bad things that happen rather then the 1000's of people who have opeartions and recover successfully I am sure you will be in the people who get along just fine.

    Just to reassure you I had an open wound when I tested MRSA positive, from central line and I had no wound infection at all...

  • Thanks everyone for your reassurance, and Honey, you're absolutely right of course that we do only hear the scare stories. Jay39, really sorry if I've worried you. They've given me the hibiscrub alongside other treatments to wash with. I've learnt very quickly that it doesn't go well with eyes - D'Oh!

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