Asthma med side effects - seizures?

Well, I think I have now finally made it all the way round the hospital and seen a consultant to cover every part of my body! - the annoying thing being that the majority can be linked to my asthma/treatment.

I saw a neurologist today as I've been experiencing seizures, I had one when in Costa with my asthma so the docs have evidence of what's happening. I've been really worried because in my past I've had a severe head injury and also meningitis and was aware these could result in seizures. Anyway the 'good' news is he thinks it may be related to my asthma/meds and metabolic changes particularly as I've had very low potassium levels when in Costa with my asthma and have had to have infusions to correct this. I've got to have an MRI just to make sure there's nothing nasty going on and he stole an armful of blood from me.

I'm relieved that hopefully it's nothing serious, but didn't think to question him about what they do about it. If it's caused by asthma meds, they can't stop them because then my asthma would deteriorate so what do they do? Has anyone else any experience of this or have I finally fulfilled 'freak' status? I'm seeing my GP tomorrow, so will ask her, I'm thinking my double appointment may not be enough with the adrenal stuff too!!! I really am falling apart and I'm a bit perturbed that so much seems related to my asthma - doesn't my body realise that that's quite enough to deal with on its own??!

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  • My first reaction on reading your post - oh good grief. Thought asthma meds were supposed to help you. Can sympathise though. Recently found antibiotics from the doc, that worked in the past, now give me sore stomach and breathlessness. Nothing in the patient leaflet about it. Cross-fingers the hospital finds something that can help with both seizures and asthma.

    Edit- can't spell.

  • I do know that seizures can be caused by low potassium and hpoxia. My thoughts would be get asthma under control and adjust potassium even if involves taking horrible sando-k all the time

  • If your potassium levels are low you could always try eating a regular supply of bananas as they taste better than sando-k... I hope they get you sorted out soon Ratty as you are having a pretty rough time of it at the moment...

  • Mmm bananas! :D I had a long chat with my GP today and she was really great and reassured me. Though I've had various things going on, at least knowing that they're actually being taken seriously and that there's a likely known cause is actually pretty reasuring, so I'm not feeling too bad. The GP didn't have letters from the hospital yet so she couldn't give me specifics, but she's getting them chased up then is going to try and get everyone to work together to ensure they all know what they're doing and that each consultant knows the impact of what they do on other aspects of me - all sounding good really.

  • Ratty sorry to hear things are so rough atm - do you take any theophyllin based meds? i ask this as i cant tolerate any of these drugs as they cause me to fit ( as witnessed by a rather suprised A + E con a few yrs ago after giving me iv amino and the same happens with the oral meds too.

    I hope it is something simple like a low Potassium tho - take care x

  • Hi Ratty, hope you find answers to having sesures as know they arnt nice and scary. My husband and both sons have epilepcy and on meds but they dont have asthma. Good luck and hope things work out for you xxx

  • Thanks both. :) Hopalong, I'm not taking theophyllin based meds, someone else was asking about that and I was trying to remember why not and I think my GP had said about increased likelihood of seizure in someone who was prone. I guess I'm 'lucky' in that at least I have no recollection of the seizures, just a feeling of confusion when I come round after and also dealing with the embarrassment because I'm often incontinent during a seizure, though have to say that when I've been in hospital the nurses have been fantastic and even told me off for apologising! They've pretty much ruled out epilepsy which is such good news as they were worried about that because of my head injury, but my EEG came back clear, but they still have to follow all the rules related to seizures, so I've had my driving licence taken away for instance.

  • Hey Ratty. Really sorry to hear about this; you're really having a hard time of it lately. Just thought I'd let you know that you can apply for a free local travel pass, that enables you to use all local bus services in the country, and whatever local train/tube services are around you. I also found this really interesting, as I have been diagnosed with epilepsy but with a clear EEG, but also always end up on potassium infusions in Costa. Perhaps a question for my neurologist!

  • My hubby and both sons scans were ok but found out with the wires on them. They get free meds and you can get a free bus pass till 12 month fit free xxx good luck with tests to find out what is causing yours xxx

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