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Coated/non-coated Pred

I was wondering if most people here on long term Pred took the coated (red) or non-coated (white) ones and if they thought there was a difference, particularly in terms of side-effects?

Previously I've tended to have them prescribed by or followed up by my GP so had red ones (or a mix of these and white) but this time consultant/hospital have prescribed directly so I've had all white ones. The side-effects *appear* (I'm very cautious about this, because there's a lot else going on so I can't solely blame the Pred) to be much worse and I'm taking medications to counteract these and my GP is still considering further medications. Today she suggested that I would probably benefit from a stomach protecting drug. I'm so fed-up with how I'm feeling and I'm fed-up with having to take medications only because I'm getting side-effects from other meds.

So it occurred to me, could I avoid stomach issues if I took the red ones (I already follow the advice of taking them following food) instead of the white ones?

If I do need the stomach protector drugs what exactly are these (i.e. what do they do - or rather what is happening inside me right now that shouldn't be! :s)?

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Hi Ratty

Stomach protecting meds would usually be something like Omeprazole/lansoprazole these are called Proton pump inhibitors (PPIs)which stop the stomach producing so much acid as this is a very common side effect of asthma meds. You willl find alot of people on here on them as they are also used for GERD which can cause asthma symptoms too.

I take coated pred, it stops alot of the stomach issues as the coating stops the stomach acid dissolving the meds, causing side effects, so therefore not dissolving the meds till there past your stomach or something like that! The non coated ones would dissolve in stomach acid causing side effects, like heartburn etc, unless u take a PPI.

Hope this helps



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