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Salbutamol Tablets

Has anyone any experience with Salbutamol tablets, particularly side-effects? My consultant has put me on them today as he's run out of other options but my GP seems really worried because of the possible side-effects and has said I should have someone with me when I begin taking them (haven't got them yet as the chemist had to order them in specially as they're not commonly used). Anyone any experience - positive or negative?

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Hello Ratty,

Salbutamol tablets are less prescribed because of the potential to absorb unevenly.

I am not sure if they are slow release.

There are s ome long acting ones - Volmax and one called Bambuterol which is a derivetive of terbutaline.

I had volmax years ago but don't take them now.

Side effects are the usuall for too much ventolin - tachychardia, nausea etc



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