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Maximum Ventolin Dosage?

Can anyone advise me if there is a maximum safe daily limit to the use of ventolin - I know it says on for instance the asthma attack card that reliever medicine is safe and not to worry about overdosing but I'm still a bit concerned.

I'm needing huge amounts at the moment (esp last few days - day and night) and it's not lasting very long at all - I'm taking it through a volumatic spacer and taking all my other meds (including a long-acting beta 2 agonist) as normal.

I'm going to go and get an emergency appointment with my GP tomorrow because I've clearly lost the control I was gaining at the moment but in the meantime I'd be grateful (if only to reassure me) if anyone knows about maximum doses - thanks.

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I dont think there is a maxium dosage because if you are given the nebuilser it is miles more than you could ever get from an inhaler, but if you are having problems go a and e! Dont hang around till you can see GP!


If your inhaler isnt working/ lasting very long and your needing huge amounts, I would also agree to what plumie says, please go to A+E


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