Synacthen Test and Medication

I'm having a synathen test next week to see what a state the Pred's left my poor body in. I've been told that I mustn't take any meds for at least 48 hours before the test. I queried this with my nurse today because I thought it would just be steroid based meds I couldn't take, but she looked it up and it is everything, including my salbutamol inhaler.

To be honest, I'm pretty concerned. My asthma's been really good for the last few weeks, but I've still needed my salbutamol on occasions, and that's with all my other regular steroids and long acting stuff and anti-histamines etc. Has anyone else done this or gone without their meds? I've never gone without my meds and am pretty worried about the impact it might have on me and what happens if my asthma plays up and I can't take my salbutamol. :S

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  • I have had that test a few times and the only meds I stopped were steroid based one's (24 hours before the test) and then just informed the person doing the test of what meds I had taken. If you feel it is unsafe/unwise to stop any of your meds phone again and express your concerns also if you need to take your salbutamol to stop an attack surely it is wiser to do that than end up in A & E. You need full clarification from the doctor who ordered the tests HTH.

  • I haven't had this test before but have had to withold meds for different times depending on what they are but have always been told if you need it take it without question and just lets them know.

  • Hmmm I used to work on a ward where these tests were carried out. I only remember steroid and hormone based medication needing to be stopped prior to the test.

    To say that someone with asthma should stop all medication for 48 hours including Salbutamol sounds pretty ridiculous to me!! If I were you, I'd check with someone else (are you having the test at the hospital? if so, contact the consultant/their secretary. or maybe your GP), there is no point you stopping all medication if it makes your asthma flare up and need lots of medication, then be unable to have the test anyway!

  • I've had this. I only had to stop pred and steroid inhalers for 24 hours before the test. I was told everything else was fine. I even had my inhaler during the test!

  • Thanks everyone for your responses. I thought it would be (and would make sense to be) just steroid meds, but they did look it up when I queried it and it did say everything. I've done a little internet research and what surprised me was that the info sheets I found from different hospitals had different information regarding what had to be stopped and for how long. :S

    I've decided I'm going to try without meds and I've done what I can, e.g. doing my shopping today, so I don't have to go out or do anything strenuous whilst off meds which could cause a problem. If however I find that I'm struggling I will take my meds and then let them know.

  • Good luck with the test Ratty hope all goes well. I find the hardest bit is trying to get through all the really poorly patients gathered around the main entrance to my hospital when I am off meds for tests.

  • Thanks Nickynoo, it's not so much the poorly patients that worry me (I figure I've probably already picked up enough germs on the London buses :S) but the smokers gathered round the entrance. There's huge signs up saying no smoking, yet still you get hordes of people right outside the doors lighting up and have to walk through their smog to get into the hospital.

  • Yeah, sorry that is what I meant, gues tongue in cheek doesn't quite work over the net!!! The all sit or stand there cannulated and on drips of goodness only knows what puffing away - grrr. My hospital occassionaly send someone out witth a mega phone reminding people that it is not allowed but not often enough.

  • ive seen people smoking at my hospital at the doors sitting in a wheelchair with a leg missing in pjs under the no smoking sign - nice. the hospital did have a no smoking on the grounds but gave up so have now provided shelters again but people still prefer to be as close to the door as possible so that any asthmatics choke when going in or out-equality for all its not...anyway rant over good luck for the tests x

  • Indeed. You can now go to any pub or night club but a trip to your local hospital? Well that is just a risk you run! I wonder, if we all sat in the carpark and phoned the out patients desk and said we were unable to make it in safely due to smokers outside, what would they do? Would have to do something eventually surely? Could fundraise for smoke sensitive sprinklers to attach to all the awnings over the entrances - that would be hilariously funny.

  • My son has had 2 of these tests done in the last 4 months as be are in the testing stage of Addison's disease and we was told because of how bad his asthma is we should not miss any of his medication. The synathin is a fake hormane which basiclly shall we just say gives your adrenal gland a kick up the back side to make to work faster. The test is quick depending on what you look at as quick but all they do is take blood give the synacthin wait either 15 mins or 30 mins then repeat the blood test again either ever 15 mins or 30 mins for an hour then all done. And if you are lucky enough to have an amazing doctor you will get the results back the same day.

    My son's levels are low for a 9 year old and he resacted well to the synacthin but he is still on the low side of the reaction so when he takes ill and is not recovering at the rate a quote normal 9 year recovers then we have to take him to A&E and get him treated.

    I'm also going to be getting tested for Addison's disease as just as I recover from one illness I come down with another illness. Like this time around it has taken me 3 weeks to recover from a chest infection and since yesterday I have been feel all gunked up again, pains in my ribs and very short of breathe which are all my signs of yet another chest infection

  • Defo. agree getting through a crowd of smokers near any entrance is grim. Nickynoo love the sprinkler idea! I don't think most hospitals near me anyway particularly bother enforcing or even try to inform people smoking is not allowed in grounds.

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