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Coming off long-term Pred

Well it's a record - I managed a whole 27 days off the Pred!! Back to 40mg again now :(

I was wondering if anyone had successfully managed to come off it after being on it long-term and stay off it? I've developed adrenal insufficiency so taking Hydrocortisone replacement for that, so I'm now on double steroids = double loopy!!

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wouldnt say long term [about 6wks on pred] managed 3 days on 5mg then bounced back to 30mg & having to start over again. good luck with coming off it.



27 days is impressive!! In answer to your question, I constantly wean my dose of pred down in hope I'll get off it, but nope :( I either get off Pred and have to start taking them again within days/weeks, or when I'm weaning down, my lungs start to protest so I can't reduce any further.


jealous of your 27 days well done you...been on for 19 years...wow longer than I thought and been off about 6 months in total...I get stuck at 15mgs and after alot of debate it has been decided for me that, that is where I will stay for the foreseeable future...just got to cope with the side effects! I am sure someone must of managed to come off of it...


Congratulations on getting off the Prednisolone for so long (though I'm sure it doesn't feel even close to long enough!) - I would feel really positive about that, just having proof that it's possible to get off it, even if it's only some of the time.

I've had a similar experience to Honey, Glitterdust and EmmaOx, in that I get the steroid dose whacked up to 40 mg (or 60 mg if I'm not well enough to protest loudly) when I'm acutely unwell, then wean down gradually, get to 15 mg and then the next step down to 10 mg always seems to tip me over the edge. So I end up back on the high dose of Prednisolone (and usually back in hospital). I can't quite resign myself to staying above 15 mg for the forseeable future, but I know that it's silly to keep trying to get to 10 mg and ending up unwell, inpatient and sorry for myself over and over again.

Like you, I have questions about whether it's even possible to get off the steroids and stay off them. I think that would be one of my deepest longings. Although I'm sure it's saved my life more times than I can count, I still hate the Prednisolone with a passion!

I'm just about to be admitted to the Royal Brompton for a controlled steroid reduction trial. I have a lot of faith in my team, and believe that if anyone can help me to get off the steroids, they can. I'll let you know how it goes!


I came off last year and managed about five months! I had the dose right down to Img for about six months beforehand but was reluctant to stop altogether- now back on 20mgs! Still- wqs nice while it lasted!



very impressive ratty well done on 27 days :)



Had steroids nearly 6 months and in the end came off them slowley.

dropped 5mg a week from 40 to 15.then by 1mg a week till off them.

Never again want pred that long as made me really tearful and down for 4 weeks after coming off them.

Not had any for a bit now as use 12 puffs of inhaler every 3-4 hours when bad and hope only need pred 5-10 days if chest infection.

This was my second time coming off them as first time back on them 2 weeks after last tablet so this time went slower with 1mg reductions weekly under care of my hosp asthma nurse xxx


I have been on pred for years! i hope i can come off it too! i was on 40mg for about 13months then weaned it down over the years.. and now 8mg everyday and then step up to 40mg when ill. xxx i so please for your 27 days off!!! :D


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