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New trigger

I need some advice i was diagnosed with asthma nearly 3 years ago and through trial and tribulation at was sort of under control with the odd blip. Surprisingly i had an attack last week which i couldnt blame my usual trigger on ( hayfever and rhinitus ) . I had just returned from a comfortable 5km run and coming from the cool air outside into the warm air of home seemed to tip it. This attack lasted 35-40 mins eventually calming down with the use on my blue inhaler. However this morning i had a stress induced attack caused by my agitation towards a family member and partner ( who i dislike intensely ) this is the first time i have had one of these attacks and it lasted nearly 45 mins. It annoyed me that i had allowed myself to get that worked up to bring on this attack. I went to see the nurse and GP within 30 mins of the attack and had a full check up who were happy to send me home with no further treatment required, unless it happens again.

As obviously i cannot keep having these attacks because they are spoiling my own stress busting method of running. I have quite a stressful but normal lifestyle at home, I care for my disabled Husband, i work, i look after my own kids as well as my Grandson so i am kept quite busy. Which is why this stress must have been fairly high to give the attack.

My question to you is does anyone have any methods of stress relief that dont hinder their asthma ? .

Thanks in advance.

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Hi, First of all changing from one temperature to another can trigger attacks, it is a problem I often have over the winter months, cold air to warm and warm to cold, going in and out of shops is awful for me during this time. Stress, this is a difficult one, and we all have personal ways of dealing with it. It sounds like you have a very busy life, so manage stressful situations without realizing it on a daily basis. What do you do when the kiddywinkys throw a tantrum or the husband is having difficult day, and if you do something is it worth using this method to work through a difficult situation with a not so pleasant family member? Perhaps when you start to feel your hackles rise, just simply walk away and state that you are not willing (to yourself) for this person to make you feel unwell. And to be honest if this situation was occurring within your own home, I wouldn't invite them until they respect you and your beliefs. It is really hard to be brave and say no to people who make you feel this way, but it sounds like you have more than enough to deal with so why let someone make your day worse. Perhaps it would be worth getting together with them in a neutral space and telling them how they make you feel and what has happened, maybe they don't even realise they do it. And if after your attempt they still behave in a fashion that makes your hackles rise, just don't bother anymore.


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