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Am i missing attacks ?

Its an odd question, however i have symptoms of a viral infection which is giving me an irritating cough and breathlessness. The problem is that i haven't really had my asthma attacks explained to me, so when i have had attacks in the past they have been quite serious and have led to me having a hospital admission. Is it possible to have ""small"" attacks that just disapate with calmness rather than the inhaler, or is this just breathlessness from walking up the stairs ? and with me having an infection it just exagerates the problem.

Hope you can help.

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Ask your doctor/ asthma nurse to advice you on this because its important to know, right. Otherwise you can ring AUK asthma nurses and they might assist you in the right direction. I hope this helps.



I think it is possible to have a small attack which just requires remaining calm. As for the breathlessness I should imagine all asthmatics get that when climbing stairs. I know I do.

Take care.



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