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Yet another chest infection

Been to GP this morning due to worsening of asthma, I left it a bit long really but due to circumstances I am not at home, and didn't want to make a fuss. Any way chest infection antibiotics and for me the dreaded steriods but this time she gave me 25mg to take once a day. I have I feeling I must be bad as normally I have 5mg. Has anyone been given 25mgs? I feel horrible but not due home for a few weeks due to the fact my mun in law and brother in law died 2 weeks ago and I'm here supporting the rest of the family. Does anybody have any suggestions for me to try and get myself better quicker.Many thanks in advance.

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Hello Belinda,

Sorry you have had a rough time with losing loved ones.

Regards steroids, 5mg is not even a therapeutic dose ( Med peeps, please clarify!!) It won't help as not a high enough dose to be of any value.

The standard short course for an adult is usually 5-7 days at 30 mg or 40mg! You would then usually just stop after the course. If you are on prednisolone / steroids for more than 2-3 weeks then you would reduce slowly and that would entail a few days or a week even at each 5mg interval so your body can start to make its own steroids again eg 30, 25, 20........10 , 5.... stop.

A very few people are on high doses for a long time and may not be able to come off steroids completely and the lowest dose I think that is of any use is 7.5mg which they have to stay on permanently. ( please don't worry about this, most people only have short courses)

not sure if 25mg would be high enough??

Please check with your GP about the dose.

Steroids come in 5mg 25mg, and also 2.5mg and 1mg dose but are often taken in multiples eg 6 time 5mg to make up to 30mg which must be taken all at once in the morning.

Hope this helps!



Hi belinda,

in the past I've been given 30mg (6x5mg) per day for 7 days to treat chest infections along with an antibiotic, I actually have a course of both here for emergencies, so I don't think you have been given what i would call a high dose.

The dose needs to be high enough and long enough to do it's job, and you don't need to worry about side effects, most of them are for long term continual use.

I find plenty of vitamin C and Zinc helps. 1000-3000mg of vitamin C daily when ill, but have been on a constant 1000mg all this year, and touch wood, no colds or chest infections.



Hi belinda hope u start feeling better soon !!

Ditto what kate said -if they dont seem to have any effect on you then get back in touch with your GP as me thinks you may require a higher dose of 30mg for 7 days that should do the trick ..

Im on 15mg as a maintenace dose and have been for 6 years -normally when i have an acute episode if not in hospital i take 5mg tabs 12 of them 60mg. Iv hydro when in costa .

Hope you are soon back on the mend sorry to here about your sad news keep your chin up xx


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