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Hi all, 5 weeks ago I was admitted to intensive care with pnuemonia, I have had it twice before, so i am no stranger to it! I have been out of hospital and back to work for 1 week, but my chest is playing again. I have been to my gp more steriods and antibiotics he is really worried about me. my peak flow was 110 and this morning 125, i know this is low for me,i have to go back tomorrow but i have a feeling he will admit me again, which i dont want. work are giving me a hard time about being off again, so i will be forced to go back in early again which is what happened last time. Any ideas?

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Hi Belinda,

Sorry you are having a rough time but better in hospital where they can keep an eye on you and get well for xmas.

Try not to worry about work you dont need the stress.

Asthma is covered by the DDA so you can not loose your job if asthma related as they have to make allowances when you have bad flare ups and infections to make it worse.

Wishing you a speedy recovery ,

love Glynis xxx


You should discuss having the pneumonia vaccination with your Gp when uou feel up to it

I get chest infecions constantly and have a history of pneumonia so had the vaccine last year

Hope you feel better soon


dont worry about anything else cuz if u go back early you will fall down the same path again. like someone said below they cant sack you for being off with asthma. if they do you can take em to the cleaners. jus look after number 1 and focus on getting well. if your work cared they would be there for you. i only know too well with mine. my boss accomodates me when i had bad flare ups. so chin up as nothing your work can do but moan x


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