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reflux / heartburn

hey guys

i take 40mg omeprazole everyday for reflux.

havent suffered for a while, this seems to be managing things since dose increased from 20mg when in ITU in may/june. yet i been woken up for the last hour and a half now with severe reflux + heartburn symptoms that is also upsetting the good ole lungs...

no idea wot caused it as didnt eat big meal before bed etc... had ben + jerrys ice- cream with pineapple bout 2 hrs before + sleep propped up cos of obv reasons!

any ideas for relief?? :( eased lil bit by sitting up..

x x x

ps chest i can manage... i also checked the nhs direct website, who advised ring green meanies, for reflux??? i dun think so, they would laugh me out of A+E lol

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Hey sweetie!

Is it possible that you might have missed a dose of omeprazole?

Have you taken anything to try to neutralise the acid now that it's there, e.g. Milk, bread, Rennies, Tums, etc?

If it doesn't let up with those, it might be worth calling your GP, as there are over things that can cause symptoms. I guess NHS direct told you to call 999 in case it was cardiac!

Hope you feel better soon. Xxx


You can take esompresazole that is the tablet above omprezole. May be ask your gp for it. I take esomprezole 40mg tablet two twice daily. Quite a high dose but it works for me currently.



Snowygirl, you mentioned you ate some pineapple. I thought pineapple was very acidic - this may have caused your reflux?? I have a tendancy to tummyache/reflux and can not eat pineapple - find it too strong. Hope u get sorted. xx


I sometimes find drinking plain boiled water can help...not sure why or how but it does.


yeah, i drink hot plain boiled water. Ive noticed recently when i take meds after swallowing them, they feel like they get stuck. Then i get heartburn, even after having a drink of water. I think nhs helpline were covering their bases as a heart attack can produce the same symptoms- not that im saying thats what was happening to you.



Sorry this reply is a bit late! I take Lansoprazole every day (the Omeprazole wasn't working well enough) and my doc says that if I get intermittent symptoms, I am to take another one when I need it rather than Gaviscon etc which interferes with the drug. Always have gaviscon on me though in case I forget a tablet and don't have them with me (always forgetting to pack them when going away, very stupid). My reflux triggers are wheat and gluten, although have been tested and I am not allergic or intolerant, I just cant digest it without the lansoprazole, so when tablets aren't available I have to adopt a limited carbs diet!


hi i know ive said this before on here but i suffer terribly with my hiatus hernia. i find that having a couple of bottles of gaviscon dotted around the house to swig from when needed helps lol. try to avoid spicy foods, heavy big meals, no pop, no caffeine or plonk and no lifting or bending when you are having problems. when you sleep try staying on your left side as the bile drains better this way and stops reflux at night-gross but works - good luck with it x


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