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team nag update on Snowy 12th august

hi guys

i am pleased to announce that snowy has successfully been transferred to hdu since yesterday :D doing well :D she had a fairly settled night last night after recoverig from an attack which was until 2am thurs but okay today and eating and drinking okay :)

i kept her company in hdu myself (in spirit as in diff costa) until i escaped this evening...

she will be kept in roughly a further 2 weeks :) she spoke on phone to feejay last night as well as alex obviously!! and to myself on phone tonite, sooooo good to hear her voice again - even if we were exhausting her :S oops!!

she thanks you all for your support and kind words over the past 6 weeks.

12th august sees her being in hosp for 42 days, before which she was in for 31 days with a day out in between so as you can guess she is quite eager to get out!! lol.

hugs x x x x x x x

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Thank you for the update, pleased to hear that Snowy is continuing to improve and brilliant that she is even able to talk a little bit to team nag, get well yourself soon Snowygirl.

Cheers Katina


thanks for update.Snowy and snowygirl,thinking of you


hey it worked !!! - Alex is on !

Im live wooohhooo

Thanks Snowygirl for doing this for me, last night they said that the plan that is hoped for is to get her discharged next Fri, then the cons wants to see how she copes on her own over weekend and will see her again the following Tue and if ok and all the results come back that she can go on hols will issue the fit to fly cert then, I have not yet told her the latter bit as dont want to get her hopes up!

Take care everyone and hope you are all ok?



Thanks for the update, Snowygirl, it sounds as if she's coming along nicely. I hope you are looking after yourself too!

Alex, nice to see you've set up your account. I hope you and Lewis have been able to get pretty much back to normal now, and that Lewis is making the most of the school holiday.

I'll keep my fingers crossed that Snowy's fit for your holiday.



Great to hear Snowy doing so well, thanks for the update. Take care of yourself to Snowygirl x


Thanks for the update Snowygirl and Alex and welcome to the forum as yourself Alex!

Great news about Snowy, crossing my fingers she's able to go on holiday and everything goes to plan. xx


woohoo!! fingers crossed she out next fri :) she be fine at home - own comforts and surrounding etc so hopefully portugal here u come, they better watch out when u about alex!! ;) hehe

welcome home sweety xx

hugs xx


fantastic news this is, hope everything keeps improving and snowy gets discharged next friday.


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