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Snowy Update - monday Night 25/7/11

hi guys

alex has asked us to update you all on his behalf as he cannot face doing it himself.

doctors reviewed snowy at 6pm monday evening and decided to go ahead with the 2nd stage of weaning ventilation.

this started later that evening, however, unfortunately things didnt go according to plan :(

andrea became very distressed. and it seems we are one step forward, two steps back as she has now needed to go back onto full ventilation for the time being to support her breathing :'(

as you can imagine everyone concerned is very distressed and shocked at this time.

BUT, snowy has shown over the past few days that she can manage a lil bit of the work herself - sleeping workout! - as alex called it, and so once she has had chance to heal it longer, docs will try again....

keep fighting snowy, please! remember us snowys are fighters and i am so proud of you sweetheart.

prayers, hope and hugs continue to be given to alex, lewis and family

x x x x x

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Still thinking of everyone. So gutted for you Alex.

Love and support to all - still praying.



So gutted for you all :-(

Snowy has showed her fighting spirit the last few weeks, I'm sure with a little rest she will fight on again. She's just gathering energy for the next stage I'm sure.

Love to Alex, Lewis and family. In my thoughts and sending lots of love and prayers. X


Keep fighting, keep positive. We're all with you.



Keep fighting snowy were all rooting for you hun love and hugs to your family xxxx


Thanks for update snowygirl.

As ever, sending love and wishes to snowy, alex and family.

Moira x


Keep on fighting Snowy, Alex and Lewis you are in my thoughts and prayers.

Clare Xx


keep fighting snowy, stay strong alex and family.

we are all behind you sending love and prayers



the fat lady isn't even warming up yet & if all our love and positive thoughts are anything to go by, she ain't gonna get anywhere near that stage

let's all forget our own problems and concentrate our thoughts in the direction of snowy, alex and lewis, for as long as it takes xxx


So sorry to hear this Alex just when things seemed to be moving the right way, but Snowy has got past this stage, she can do it and she will get there!

Thinking of you all. xx


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