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thankyou for concerns

hi all, my gosh i missed you guys!!!!

just wanted to say thankyou to you all for all your concerns and well wishes and posts during my recent frightening record 25 day stay in costa in ITU + HDU and to thank Alex (snowy's husband) for giving you all regular upates on how i was doing. snowy's support has been amazing :)

it is really touching to know i had your suppport. only now i have been able to finish reading the messages and posts and its made me quite emotional. thankyou all so much.

ths attack was certainly the worst and most frightening experience yet and will take a long while to recover so apologies in advance if i go quiet on the forum, as you will probably understand i need time to deal with things, due to additional diagnosis identified as well now :( *sigh* ....

hugs to all


x x x x

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The forum certainly seemed quiet without you Snowygirl! Take it very easy now, lots of rest. xxx


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