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Sudden Attack

Touch wood been controlled for about 2 months now on seretide 500 2 puffs bd. Today had a bad attack nearly went to A&E, don't know weather the weather caused it or what. Lost count of ventilin now very tired and gave me the shock of my life as to the srverity and intensity of the attack usual pf 500 seems high but today ony 320 and bery tight chest. Feel better mow but need a sleep.

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Sorry to hear that, Ju. Hope you manage to get some sleep and feel a lot better soon. Haven't been diagnosed very long myself, still trying to get good control, and must admit it worries me that even then an attack could come out of the blue like this. Take care, hopefully this is just a blip. xx


Poor you, Ju. It is scary when things get bad out of the blue like that. Glad that you were able to get things under control without going to A&E, though it's understandable that you're very tired now!

Have you seen your GP or asthma nurse since posting that (or Out of Hours)? It might be worth just checking in with them as you say that you're still very tight, and the ventolin doesn't deal with the inflammation, just the muscle spasms. It might be that you need to increase your steroids or take a short course of oral steroids, or that you need something else added to your treatment to get this flare back under control.

Hope you feel much better soon - keep us posted as to how you're doing.



Sorry to hear your not feeling too hot. If the weather was thunder/lightening and rain like it was where i live. It could be because the pollen and pollutants are released from the air from the clouds during this time, it is quite common to trigger asthma/hayfever. Hope you get some good shut eye,and feel better soon, but go see your gp.


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