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Where to go from here again

Been changed from seretide 500mg 2 puffs bd, aminophylline 225mg od, ventalin prn, atrovent 2 puffs qds, to symbicort 400 rest of meds same, had a cold ended up nebs by green men spent 5 hours a&e for baby docs to not label bloods right chest x-ray clear and to be told its my asthma , no s---- sherlock! Been back to nurse practitioner informed me I could try 6 puffs ventalin through spacer see if ward off going to hhosp keeping that in mind. Chest still a pain not at asthma nurse at hosp till 14th sept but have to go away for a funeral. Got all meds and preds just in case, hopefully won't need them as allergies oak, beech, birch pollen, musn't have them in tropics so pleased with that, wondered why i'm always well on my hols, thought it was because i'm stress free there) ,anyway it's certainly a learning curve this asthma thing, thanks to this website and your support made it that bit easier


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