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Moaning as usual. Last week had bad attack Sunday when wheather lashed it down.Should have gone to hosp really don't realize ho bad I am. Spoke to Asthma nurse mon told to stay in start phylocontin 225 bd.,carnt sleep 2 days my mate walked me round the block another attack not as bad went to dr gave me neb straight away put me on atrovent inhaler because that worded straight away and worked in the past. Still using spray 2 puffs now and then peak flow range from 300 last sun to around 440 personal best 500 I know these sound good but when chest get tight feel horrible. Weight piling on because i carnt get around to well. Seeing Asthma nurse at hosp on 3rd for allergy test. My g.p asked what the Cons said told her he discharged me from him,she nodded her head that said it all to me. Sick of it all carn't seem to be able to speak to anyone who can point me in the right direction. On seretide 500mg bd, trying phylocontin 225 once a day to see if i can get some sleep, back at work and a ratty old sod with all, carnt wait to get out of the place. Dont want to go off sick because feel ok but waing for next attack all the time wondering wheater i'm a stress head but again don''t want to go back to the docs feel a paon in the butt.

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  • Hi Ju, Sorry you are having a rough time. Have you just started Phyllocontin? I have taken it for many years and find it very helpful. Also my teenage son takes it and it's helped him. But it did take a while to 'kick in'. Regarding the doctor, you should definitely go back if things dont improve. Dont worry at all about being a nuisance, that's their job and they are very well paid for it! (with all due respect to any doctors on here).

  • Sorry to hear your having such a bad time at the moment. Have you tried talking to the asthma helpline? they will be able to give you lots of help and advice you need at the mo.You may have to be insistant to get where what you need, but keep it pleasant. Thats what i had to do to get referred to a hosp cons and asthma nurse.

    Good luck and i hope you get better soon.

  • Hi Ju,

    Sorry to hear things aren't going well. I completely sympathise with not knowing who to ask for advice or what to do, and would definitely agree with others that you should ring the nurses on here as they've given me some really helpful advice in the past even though I am in no way 'classic' or experiencing symptoms anyone else seems to have the faintest idea about - they're great at advising me about going back to my GP, getting in touch with consultant and what I should say to them etc.

    Would definitely go back to GP as well (maybe ring AUK nurses first so they can give you advice about how to get best out of appt). And if you feel current GP is not being helpful is there another one at the practice you could see?

  • hi ju

    if you are only taking phyllocontin once a day 225mg or even twice a day and are not controlled, then there is room to increase this to 450mg twice a day to help control symptoms - discuss such with ur gp or asthma nurse as obviously by increasing the dose you increase risk of side effects and also will need blood test to check aminophylline levels...

    also have they mentioned medications like montelukast? worth asking bout...

    also as the others have said - speak to the AUK nurse as they are great for offering support and advice :)

    try not to worry bout 'when' your next attack will be ju as this will make you more and more anxious, consequently likely to have anxiety attack and/or asthma attack. i know its hard but try to relax and wait for meds to work, take things easy and discuss diff options with gp and asthma nurse. please dont feel like your wasting their time, thats what they are there for ;) lol. if you are not well, you need to be off work and resting, dont push yourself too hard okay.

    oh and another thing, my peak flow doesnt always match how i am feeling, only most of the time. so you are not alone. my best is 500 too :)

    anyways, hope you start feeling better soon, feel free PM me :)

    x x x

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