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Advice Please!?

I have what may be a silly question but one that i could do with some advice on.

I have been having to have pred at least once a month for most of this year, they seem to take about a week before i feel the real benefits. Most of the time i try to keep going and stay at work etc but am wondering if this could be some of the reasons that it takes a longer amount of time. Is the sensible thing to take a few days off, especially as feeling poorly as well, to allow body time to recover from this? The GP usually gives me 40mg for a week or two but the consultant is concerned with the amount that i am having, close to 50 doses in 24 months, they want me to try 20mg for 3-4 days each time, then return to GP if not better. I want to do everything possible to make this work and maybe this would be the start of getting some control back over my asthma.

Thanks for reading and i hope everyone is feeling well at the moment

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with the sound of it you need to take time off and get better. Your doing the thing many people do....... ""it's only asthma"" ......and carry on working. You need something to control you better as your obviously not controlled at all. Do you see a respiratory specialist? If so you need to ask them to get you better controlled with something other than pred. If you don;t see a specialist get refered immediately. Gp's are not usually specialists and therefore are not the best qualified people to get you controlled. Gps are excellent for maintaince of asthma and the occasional attack.

But you need to take time off and rest and see if that helps first.

Good luck

Truly x


Thanks Truly for your reply

I do see a consultant and resp nurse at my local hospital but they are struggling to make thing any better at the moment. I understand what you are saying and yes i do struggle on longer than i know i should but with the pressure from work and sickness, its a difficult battle.

My GP is very supportive and feels very frustrated that she cannot help me get some better control but we are hoping that eventually the consultant will find someway to help me out, although he has not changed any medication for the past few months and is not offering any hope at the moment.

Am just so fed up at the moment, each time i start to feel better, i only get a few days before i am heading back down again and this has been going on for two years now. I am sorry to moan as i know that there are many people on this site who are struggle much more than i am so will stop now...

Thanks again


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