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Moving goalposts

I know the topic of nebulisers and protocols have appeared on here often but i wondered if i could share my difficulties at the moment:)

I was prescripted PRN salbutamol nebs about a year ago from the GP, the consultant and respiratory nurse were ok but were very keen for me to limit the use and not be working if i needed the nebuliser, the habit was using it to stay at work. Following a difficult 12 months with hospital admissions,no sympton free days and long periods off work, i returned to work, slowly at first then building up the hours. Unfortunely my asthma did not agree with my return to work and i began to really struggle. Due to being very stubborn, i have pushed on as my job is at risk if i have any other time off, but with this my symptons have increased. GP has now prescribed Atrovent nebs PRN as well, but despite health professionals previous caution re nebs use, no one has rasied an eyebrow that i can some days need 4 of each nebs to get me through the day. I have been expecially nervous because no protocol has been set even though i have asked for guidance, all that has been said is seek help if you feel unsafe. My GP has been seeing me weekly and is frustrated and she does not know what to do next and has requested guidance from the hospital without success.The hospital only seem to form their own opinions about how i am and i do not feel that they are listening to me... 6 months ago the hospital were not happy for me to be on this type of medication but now they do not seem to bat an eyelid...its like they have accepted things are worse and thats ok but have not explained this to me.....

Sorry for long vent, was not intended but once i got started :) Just a bit confused about whats going on and what i can do next.

Thanks and hope everyone is maanging ok x

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atrovent should not be used PRN, 4 times a day is stated max after that you can get side effects which include vomiting - thats how I found out I had been mis-prescribed.



Thanks Bex, good job i have only needed 4 times a day but will not take it any more than that



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