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Hi All

Hope this message finds most people well and for the others who are not then please feel better soon.

I have had a few wierd days and wondered if anyone could shed a little light on the situation.

I had, for the first time in about 10 months, experienced a good week where i was able to undertake many activites that i have not been able to for a long time. Sadly it only lasted a week ( although grateful) i started to experience the ususal building up of asthma symptons, plus some new ones of needing neb at night not ususal inhaler. Followed asthma plan and increased meds, saw GP and started Pred. Unfortunely while at work (covering resp ward, nice) had an attack that needed treatment, fortunetely i had nebs on me so just borrowed a machine, was fine just a bit embrassed. Spoke with resp nurse who suggested it was time to stop work, which i finally agreed with. Next day felt reasonable but not brillaint so thought i was wining, except another bad night. Woke yesterday feeling ok but looking back now a bit rougher. Eventually decided to visit GP who was as useful as a chocolate teapot ( not usual one) and stated he could see i was really struggling but could not suggest anything to help, cause was already on pred and had nebs at home. Instead gave me some antibiotics, although i have long term ones already and sent me away telling me i must feel better!! Tried to explain that nebs were not working as well and i was really struggling, but alas. Left surgery wanting to cry and did not know what to do next. Decided with some prompting from friends that as i could hardly speak, very tight chest, SOB and coughing that it was time to visit A&E.

Arrived with PF of 200 (usual 450) and was given some more nebs to settle and then was given a neb of ( i think) Pulimcort. It did not help me straight away but by the time i was back home and this morning, feeling quite a bit better than yestersday. Just wanted to understand how this neb may have help things settle and whether is worth thinking about for the future, or was i a conbination of everything.

I have read on this site that i few people mention having letters etc explaining thier individual situations/meds etc. Is this something that i can discuss with my GP/Con/asthma nurse as i was alone during by A&E visit (Miss Independent, i will be fine etc) it was difficult to explain the meds i was on, symptons that i had experienced, that i am not a wheezer normally and what has happened in the past.

Sorry for such a long post did not realise until i had finished.

Look forward to any replys

Take Care all

Cory x

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