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Is it time for a change??

I read almost daily but do not often post but feeling that i need to take more control at the moment....firstly best wishes to all.

One of my symptons when unwell is coughing and not being able to take a deep breath. I am wondering if this means that on top of the normal triggers, am i actually able to fully take my symbicort and tiotropium doses because you have to inhale deeply to make it work? Should i be trying something else?

I am caught in a bit of a trap of two weeks poorly, off work and steriods etc, then back at work before it all starts again. I have steriods once or twice a month, now for the past 18 months but no light at the end of the tunnel. GP great, consultant visits monthly but no break through moments. Often feel some sort of symptoms every day.....

Sorry for rant its just doing my head in at the moment and with another GP vist tom and hospital clinic Wednesday getting a bit feed up and work are piling on the pressure as many of you will understand....

Thanks for listening

Hugs to all x

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Hey Cory

Hey rant away we know how you feel!

im sorry to hear how your asthma is at the mo... and hope you get on top of it soon!

I am currently off work and seeing my asthma nurse (for the first time!!) since i was diagnosed 4 months ago on tuesday, going to tell her everything and make my asthma plan to stay on top of things... do you have a plan to monitor how your ups and downs, triggers are?

Its very frustrating the work thing, because on the one hand everyone states that your health is important but on the other we worry about time off work, which i think is really bad...

Asthma is a condition which has to be treated and monitored very seriously, i feel that when i have my bad periods the world has to stop so i can rest, but we have toor we won't heal properly, and employers have to realise that.

Asthma is a disability in its own right and employers have to be seen to accommodate their workers who suffer with this as best they can, its in the disabilities act.

I have to this week once i have met with my nurse have the 'conversation' with my boss about the possibility of flexible working, they either have to work with me on this or if not i may have no choice but to hand in my resignation and find another job... but sometimes in our best interests life throws things in which we have to compromise and sometimes re-ajust.

It sounds like your GP and the staff you see are good, thats one hurdle over as some have awful GP'S and find staff sometimes difficult, if you can get your employers to understand somehow (mayb get your doctor or asthma nurse to write to them??) explaining things this might help?

Good luck with the docs/clinic next week and let us know how you go.

Kel xx


Thanks Kelwoo for your reply,

I know that i am lucky with my GP and it kind of helps that my hospital consultant is her husband so at least they do communicate, its just gets frustrating when there does not appear to be much that can be done to get some control back and i understand that this is not a new topic on this forum, but some days it seems much easier to cope with your own situation than others.

Guess i am feeling fed up with it all especially when it has such a large impact of every aspect of daily living, but thanks again for listening. Hope you are well and have a good meeting with your asthma nurse.

Hugs x


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