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RBH admission for pred reduction


I am due to go into the RBH on thursday for pred reduction and have been told i should be prepared to be there for 3 weeks.

Just wondering if anyone has done this? was it worthwhile?

I am quite worried about it, as it is a long way from home and i will be getting a discuplinary from work for taking three weeks of work again.

if anyone can give me any info would be gratefully recieved

best wishes


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Hello, i have been to RBH quite alot, my longest stay way just over two weeks. Its a really nice hospital and you will get to know the team looking after you very well. i have never been in for a pred reduction, but cutting down on the pred is a very good thing, it worked out very good for me. i was on 40-60mg for quite a while then i cut down to 20 and then 10mg and now i am off it and have been for just over 1 month! :) RBH helped me with this and i am very glad they did. its really nice there and dont be worried about it. you will meet others who are in the same situation as you and make really good friends. Hope this has helped a little



I can't advise on pred reduction but I am here until at least Friday so PM me your name and I will bomb around in the wheelchair and say hello!




Thankyou for your replies

Bex, i will let you know where i am, have to wait and see if they have beds on thursday, fingers crossed as i have totally prepared myself.

how do you manage to take everything with you? you would think i am moving in all the bits of pieces i have for three weeks, it doesnt help that i wont have any visitors due to distance etc

anyway thanks again



Sarah the ambulance drivers laugh at me because I have so much stuff, I am gradually getting to more managable amounts. If you know you are going to have family to do washing then work out how often they are going to come from that you can work out how many ""sets"" *knickers PJ's, day/leisure wear bits you are going to need. People on pred reduction often go out during the day for a walk or so do some shopping but it is pretty cold up here with a biting wind, so you might not be able to get out. When it comes to other stuff think what you really need and try to iminimalise so instead of taking the DVD and its case get one of those travel ones that hold 20 odd. Think about what you have sed to ""fill in"" time over the past couple of days and you will then have some idea about what you really need and what your probably won't.

There is a patiants shelf in the fridge but there is not a lot of room and those who have special diets are first in the queue especially if they are unable to get out to re-stock. Whoever put 4 big bottles if water in the fridge on that shelf was not popular, put one in and store the rest in your wardrobe or around your bed. Make use of visitors get then to bring supplies in and take away anything you have had kicking around your bed for a week and you know you are not actually going to get around to doing something with. I bring a weeks supply of drugs and only one box of nebs as the pharmancy and or the ward will provide you with more they do take up loads of room and pharmancy are very understanding.

It has taken 4 years for me to finally get things down to stuff I will use as opposed to might use and never do. Please feel free to PM me or post here and I will do my best to help you.




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