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Just wondering if anyone else has ever been told they have MRSA in there sputum!! i saw my asthma nurse on monday and thought i had a chest infection as couging up really horrible gunk and also some blood! they sent of a sample and started some levofloxacn, my gp phoned today and told me the sample showed MRSA however she wasnt sure if it was colonised or active infection, she told me to see how it goes over the weekend as the only treatment would be iv antibiotics and she knows i hate hospital anyway i am not sure what she wants me to look for as i allready feel like i have an infection but not to bad! she later phoned again and left a message to pick up a prescription for some trimethprim, which i have done.

anyway enough rambling:

my question is could this be why my asthma has been so horrendous? could of the infection been there for ages? also has anyone else had this? should i push to have it treated more aggresively?

i am currently under the RBH and i am supposed to be going in in three weeks, should i let them know?

I am really confused about it and this doesnt help when i allready feel rough and in a lot of pain from chest!!

any advice gratefully recieved



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MRSA can be inactive and not cause any symptoms in people. it likes warm areas. In the hospital if a patient routine screen comes back as postive we use the antibac scrub wash's. However with you being o nsteriods your immunity is lower so I would think could make it worse!

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I would contact the hospital and let them know. There could be a risk of you spreading Mrsa to other patients


I have had it twice, second time in sputum and hence chest infection. It was eventualy clobbered with antibiotics and also Nebbed Gentamicin (An antibiotic)

All my screening over the last year or so has come back clear for skin & nose etc. it is now standard to screen all patients on admission in my hosp, though there is still a big yellow warning sticker on my notes!

You should let hospitals etc know that you are MRSA positive. It is treatable though you may end up in a side ward with barrier nursing. I would try and get it clobbered as fast as possible.

Also they should give you special liquid soaps etc (An improvement these days on the hiddeous yellow Cidal soap)

Take care


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Thanks for your replies

I have an appoiontment with asthma nurse tomorrow so will see what she says!

I dont think the antibiotics are working as i am still quite symptonamtic and asthma started to get grumpy!!

Thanks again


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