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a few questions any advice greatly recieved


I have had many admissions this year for asthma and another recent one, finally got discharged yesterday.

i am hoping somone can help me with something that is really bugging me.

whilst in hospital although i felt much better, my peak flows were not really improving and eventually they decided out of the blue to a lung function test, anyway i had allready had ventolin and atrovent nebs about an hour before and of course all normal asthma medication for that day. anyway had the test and the person said it was completely normal but peak flow was about half of normal. no other explanation was given

so my question is how much would the ventolin and atrovent nebs etc of afffected the test?

does this mean i am actually going mad and that i dont have asthma?

i just feel like i am going mad with it all as i have been so unwell the last few weeks, i am not sure how the test could be normal.

any answers would be gratefully recieved.

just another quick thing does anyone know if your periods can affect your asthma as the last two admissions have seemed to be about two days before my period and then things seem to settle a few days after, i just wondered if this can have an affect. i am not sure it explains everything as have had attacks at other times as well, i guess i am just looking for some reason!!!

i am sorry to have so many questions but get very frustrated by it all at the moment as know one seems to know how to make it any better and i feel like i am doing everything i am told to do but nothing changes.

any advice greatly recieved


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Unforunately some females asthma can get worse around the time month, maybe on the last few occasions it has just been concidence. But if seems to be happening more often to you, prehaps discussing it with your Asthma Speciatlist may be a good idea. I wish I could answer your other questions, but feel it would be more appropriate that you discuss your results with the Asthma Specialist.

Hope you recover soon, I understand your frustration, try not to let it get to you. There's another way at looking at this too, it always makes me smile when I am cheesed off with it all, without people like us alot of people would be unemployed. So the likes of us are providing a valuable service.

Get Well Soon



hey sarah sorry to hear you have been poorly

Whenever I have lung function tests I been advised to try and not have any form of bronchodilator 4 hours before testing, as it can interfere with the results and give false readings, an hour before would hae deffinetly given you a better result! they also advise not to have atrovent 6 hours before or any long acting bronchodilator 12 hours before. did they take note that you had recently had nebs??

hope this helps





my periods certainly triggered my asthma, for a year i was ending up in hossie every month before we realised the link, i now take the progesterone only pill all the time, no periods at all,!!

it is a recognised trigger, talk to your consultant or even gp, the pill may be an option,

good luck

george xx


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