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histamine challenge


I have had an histamine challenge today and just wondered if anyone knows what a positive result is i got to 0.5 and then they stopped on a previous one i got all the way rto 16. i am bit confused as they said i had a positive pc 35. anyone have any ideas what this means and what they may suggest treatment wise.

if anyone can offer any advice please let me know

best wishes to everyone


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hi sarah

I'm not sure what the numbers mean, but when I had the challenge, I was first given a control neb, with no irritant (I think it was methacholine) and then the plan was to have increasing (doubled I think) doses of irritant on each subsequent run. I only managed the first dose, well no actually I didn't manage the first dose as even before the neb had finished I was having a severe asthma attack.

The consultant later explained that most people get well past the 6th increase before reacting, so it proved conclusively that I have atopic (allergic) asthma.

I would be interested to know what the numbers mean.



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