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Pain in upper back!

I am not sure if anyone can help with this but thought it was worth asking.

My asthma has not been well controlled for many months and have had lots and lots of admissions, have noticed the last couple of week i have a pain in the top of my back on the right hand side, it hurts everytime i breath and i am not sure if it is muscular or something to do with my chest.

If anyone can offer any advice i would be very grateful


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hi sarha,

please get a checkup if your having pain it could be a number of reasons,

hope you are feeling better soom xxxx


Hello Sarah,

It could be intercostal pain, pleurisy or a patch that has been affected by an infection if you have had a chest infection recently. Also lots of coughing can pull muscles. It could be muscular-skeletal but get it checked out just to be sure!

Try your usual pain killers and heat such as a hot water bottle or wheat bag.

Take care



PS I quite often get pain like this.


Following bad attacks, infections or a period where my asthma has been particularly bad I find osteopathy helps with muscualr chest pain. I discovered this by accident during a visit for a stiff neck. On examining me he asked how my asthma was and did some cranial osteopathy. I felt so much better when I left and my PF readings improved too.

On the other side of the coin, I've had pleurisy twice, you must rule that and other infections out as the cause of your pain.

Pleurisy pain is very sharp and you get it when you breathe in and out and move, sneeze, cough...


Hi Sarah,

I also get pain across the top of my back when my asthma is worse. The doctor thinks it is muscular but I'd definately go and get it checked out.



I get these pains all the time aswell. One GP I saw thinks its because I have had pneumonia and so many chest infections and it may have left a weakness so whenever my asthma is irritated it brings this back

The last GP i saw however just told me ""oh that pains not common with asthma"" and brusged me off to move onto the next topic which was obviously more interesting to him


Hi Sarah,

I had something similar a couple of months back. It was quite uncomfortable. I went to go and see my chiropractor for something unrelated and one of my ribs were pinched (or something along those lines). Anyway, long story short and after two treatments I felt less pressure and the pain had radically reduced. Obviously every case and individual differs but if you have exhausted other avenues it may be worth checking out.

I hope you are feeling better soon.



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