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I am 60 and have been asthmatic for over 12 years. Everything was well controlled until a couple of years ago when I caught a chest infection which aggravated the asthma. Been in hospital twice, once specifically for the asthma and last year with pneumonia and have been seeing a consultant regularly over the two year period resulting in various changes to medication. Have now got another chest infection which has impacted on the asthma. Been on steroids and antibiotics for a week as well as a couple of sessions on a nebuliser at local hospital.

It has been suggested that they may try Montelukast to help with my worsening asthma condition but other consultant has said it is only good for certain groups of sufferers where it is more allergy-related.

Anyone using this? Anyone got any further information?

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Hello! What's with the ""old"" - 60 is young in my book!

My asthma also suddenly worsened after many years. It's not wholly allergic as I have damaged lungs/inflamed airways anyway from past pneumonias and poorly treated childhood asthma (very few drugs for asthma in the 50's).

I tried montelukast a few years ago and found it extremely effective, even tho as I say my asthma is not only allergy-related. I noticed a significant improvement within about 3 weeks and wish I could have stayed on it. Unfortunately, at the same time I started getting weird joint pains, which may or may not have been the drug at the time (joint pain is one of the least common side effects of it), but nevertheless it put me off. I am thinking of trying it again though as I have recently discovered I have arthritis so those pains several yrs ago could have been the arthritis and not montelukast.

I know some people experience sleeping problems but I didn't.

From what you say, I'd give it a try! Good luck x



I was on Montelukast last year. My asthma symptoms are exercise induced and I was having really significant flare-ups (like you, I was on/off steroids). I was taking seretide and montelukast everyday and found it really helped with my asthma symptoms, however, I didn't stay on montelukast for long (about 6 months), as my asthma became manageable on the seretide alone. I don't have allergies, but once my asthma is inflamed by exercise (sufficiently), then anything can make it worse. If I were you I would give it try and see how it works for you. Good luck and I hope you get your asthma back under control soon!



I tried this last year - the consultant reckons my asthma is allergy induced although as yet no triggers identified! I tried montelukast last year and unfortunately didn't get on with it due to sleep/dream disturbances, however, many people on here use it with great success.

I think essentially it's a case of ""suck it and see"" - give it a go and see how you get on with it!

Good luck and hope it goes well,



i have been on montelukast for about 10 years now it is often used to compliment pred s its long term side effects arnt so bad i have found it be very helpful give it a try after all u have nothing to lose and everything to gain. however the drug does work like inhalers so it hs got build up in your system first!!


I was on Montelukast for over a year. It didn't do anything for my asthma so I eventually came off it, but I have heard that it's a great help for some people. I didn't have any nasty side-effects whilst being on it, I'd say it's definitely worth giving a go :-)



I used it over the last two years during the hayfever saison(which in my case is march-october) and I didn't notice any side effects and symptoms definately improved.

I've been back on it since a bad chest infection since January and I do thinks it helps.

Give it a go, everyone is different.

Best wishes



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