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Allergens hay/grass

Right guys I am hoping some of you can answer a few of my questions.

How long theoretically could it take for an allergen to build up around a whole house to the point that it was enough to affect someone?

I'm guessing that it is difficult to answer. My boyfriend and I got a rabbit six weeks ago, he is a house rabbit btw. I am not allergic to fur but I am allergic to grass. Obviously hay is a very important part of a rabbit's diet. George has a handfull of hay in his litter tray which is in the kitchen. Most of the time that's where he lives although he comes and hops around the sofa once a day. there are bits of hay which have been trodden into the carpet in places (we mostly have laminate). Anyway since Saturday I've been having an attack. One that involves the usual steroids and going for a neb at A and E. Its not a viral infection. My mum rang me to suggest it was the rabbit hay since I'm allergic to grass. Since she has a thing about not liking the rabbit I'm inclined not to believe her but I think she may have a point. Obviously people are also starting to cut the grass at the moment so that is a factor. As is the fact that once I get sensitive my asthma gets grumpy at anything going. Could also be stress as I've had big (but very positive) life changes in the last few months.

I suppose what I was asking at first is why would I not be affected for six whole weeks and then only now I react?

Will be asking questions to my consultant on Tuesday but just wanted to see if anyone on here had any ideas.

My boyfriend has looked and we can get allergy free hay so I'm now off to investigate that possibility. We don't really want to put him outside you see. We'd rather not give him up either as it would be really sad.

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I dont know if this is any help but I am really quite allergic to grass but I dont appear to react to hay at all- unless i am in a dusty hay barn for long periods of time. So I think it is theoretically possible to be allergic to grass pollen but not react to hay.

I am sure a more medically minded person will have a better answer though.




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