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Small volume spacer Question

Now have small volume spacer to use with my steroid inhaler. Asked at review today, where I could buy one. To my surprise, available on prescription.

I've read instructions and have a couple of probably dopey questions.

ie can I press inhaler twice and inhale gradually in and out or do I still have to do my two puffs seperately?

There told you it was a dopey question.

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Not a dopey question at all! Generally advisable to do one puff at a time, not sure of the rationale behind that but thats what they say!


For the small volume spacer you should shake the inhaler well, press once and breath in deep but slowly. You must then hold your breath for 10 seconds. If you require 2 puffs then shake again and repeat the process.

The large volume spacers are for tidal breathing (in and out). There is no such thing as a dopey question, hope this helps.



you dont do both puffs at a time because otherwise the second puff will not contain the medication just the propellent, thats also why you need to shake the inhaler to mix the medication and the propellent.


I never even thought about a second skoosh being mostly propellant. D'oh!

You'll be thinking I came up the Clyde on a water biscuit. LOL

Thanks all for your help. I see now, I'm confusing the different type of spacers.

GrannyMo xx


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