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Toenail problems

Over the last year, since asthma found and inhaled steroids started, my toe nails have become thicker and slightly deformed and I'm wondering if its down to the inhaled steroids. Before then, toenails were no problem. One of them is so thick that I can't find anything to cut it with - nail clippers of the spring or scissor type. Loathe to see GP, as suspect won't be taken seriously.

Anyone else had this?

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my toe nails went funny but kept them cut and air get to them and ok now.not sure if steroids did it .lol Glynis xxx


Thanks glynis. That's what I've been doing.

Found webpage that suggests soaking till nails are soft then snipping a wee bit at a time, and repeat. Will try this. Maybe its just coincidental, nails thickening in same year as my first inhaled steroids.


I am insulin dependent and have to take good care of my feet. I really struggled to keep my toenails short when I was pregnant as I just couldn't reach my feet from about 4 months! I used to have to go to the chirpopodist at the hospital for get them trimmed! Then my midwife suggested just filing them down a bit from time to time with an emery board. Admittedly, hubby did this for me because I still couldn't reach but it meant there was no chance of him cutting me with clipper or scissors which he may well have done!

So I'd say, try an emeryboard, Grannymo?


Thanks for the tip, Jacquimac. Will have to get my husband to do it too. I'm short sighted and for some reason bending down to toes is too close to see with my glasses on but somehow too far away without them. LOL xx


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