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Put on seretide for two week trial as peak flow readings low on Clenil modulite.

The peak flow graph is going up and down like a yo-yo in just 10 days. Can go from 300 down to 150 in one day. Only constant was one and a half days at 240. I've only actually needed Ventolin for breathlessness on one occasion and that was on a 240 day.

Am I right in thinking seretide is not for me?

GM puzzled.

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You need to give it some more time. I wouldnt judge it that quick personally what form do yuu have it in, try asking for it in an accuhaler to see if it helps any better?

Remeber the weather is causing havoc for loads of asthmatics at the moment!



I'll second plumies answer, really early days yet, and the weather is causing people to struggle, even those of use with what would be considered good controlled asthma.

You may benefit from the accuhaler, or do you have a spacer to use, that make a huge difference, if not some chemists sell them, and usually cheaper than a prescription, unless you get yours for free.

Actually what I would have done was leave you on the clenil and either increased the dose, or added serevent, to see if that worked, then move you to seretide, with the separate steroid and LABA, you can adjust things until you find the combination that gets results,difficult with a combined inhaler.


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