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I'd a funny time last night. Wondering whether I lay down too quickly after inhaler. Or perhaps particles of dust from building site - l'm not opening my windows until the site is all cleaned and finished next year.

I'd taken my nightly two puffs of seretide, last thing and settled down to sleep. Started getting that tremble Ventolin gives me sometimes and felt a bit odd. Husband turned around and asked if I was ok giving me a huge bear hug in the process. Didn't have the heart to say if its an asthma attack, the last thing I need is to be lying down being hugged to death. So said I was fine. I can deal with it. Its normal. I lied, knowing he was dead tired.

As he turned over, I got up to make way downstairs for an icepole to ease my throat that felt like it was about to close over. Made it to kitchen ok then icepole in one hand and ventolin in the other, took a slug of each. Kept this up for about the five minutes suggested on my asthma pack and all settled down again. Weird. Hoping doesn't happen tonight again.

At the time, did wonder if this was the start of an actual attack (which I'm lucky enough not to have had yet, touch wood) while desperately hoping it wasn't as there's too much else happening in the family just now, to give them yet one more worry.

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Sorry you weren't feeling so grand last night - I'm glad your inhaler helped. If you do feel a bit tight chested and wheezy (or whatever your individual symptoms are) then you're right, it is best to sit up and not be hugged, but I also understand your not wanting to worry your husband.

Perhaps you should go and see your doctor if you are worried? Or an asthma nurse if you see one?

The best thing to do is not to worry about it happening again, as this emotion in itself may start your chest feeling ""funny"", and don't worry about worrying anyone else - it is more important that you are safe and well,and I'm sure your husband would understand.

Feel free to PM me if you want to chat, and I hope you feel ok now

Emz x


To Nanna

Hope you get well soon,dont worry about asthma attacks they pop up when you dont expect them,just have your meds with you.I dont like being held or snuggled up to when asthma is bad.

Will try ice poles,im always eating minty magnums.

love to you nanna and a big hug xxxx


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