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Hair condition

Put on preventer inhaler in Feb. Since then its as if my scalp is producing more oil than usual. I have white flakes beneath my hair and it feels for all the world like the cradle cap my children had as a baby.

I'm loathe to go to the GP as a few years ago, I had a similar thing on my legs and was prescribed very strong steroid cream which changed the skin texture for ever. Turned out this GP had mis-diagnosed and it was left to another to try to calm my skin. No more problems on legs but they have been left an angry red. So you can understand why I don't want the GP route.

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hi hope you are feeling better sounds like dry scalp to me there are a few shampoos to try theres capasal im afraid it doesnt smell too good and looks like tar but very good or you can get oilaitum shampoo which is milder but good if its not too bad both of these are available on prescription or over the counter hope it helps



Yes, Oilatum shampoo is very good and you only need to use it once a week or something.


Oilatum is very good, I have it as I have eczema etc. And you only use it twice a week, I had alphosyl to start with but that smelt awful as it was a coal tar based one.


Thank you.

Oilatum it is, then.

BTW. Tar shampoo! You've rung a far distant bell. I have a vague impression of having a similar problem way back in time when I was a teen but there's no-one left to ask.

Thank you for all your replies. I look forward to feeling better about my self. I've put off going to the hairdresser for months - fortunately the 'white' coming in blends with what's left of the salon blonde! LOL



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